Sweet addiction: called with reason of rejection of sugar

Сладкая зависимость: названы весомые причины отказа от сахара

Learn about the five improvements that will feel your body when you give up sugar

To refuse the whole impossible sweet: sugar is included in so many products that would be required to come up with a special diet, which I suspect was not too good for health.

But to try to follow the who recommendations, which call to limit the consumption of sugar so that to get out of it not more than 5% of the total number of calories per day is quite possible. It’s enough to stop drinking sugar drinks, to abandon the soda and limit the number of confectionery products. You will be surprised what happens to you when you do.

Сладкая зависимость: названы весомые причины отказа от сахара

You will become more healthy and energetic

Many people know that sugar is a source of glucose, which the body needs for energy. Low blood sugar person feels tired, becomes lethargic and may even lose consciousness. But no less dangerous high sugar level in the blood that is observed practically at all the sweet tooth. This can cause serious metabolic disorders, together with the release of toxic metabolic products, which lead to the poisoning of the entire body and a sharp decrease in performance.

Your weight stabiliziruemost

Immediately after you will limit the consumption of sweets, you will begin to lose weight. And it’s not just that sugar is a source of calories by itself. Simply he often is part of high-calorie foods: pastries, confectionery, fast food, dairy desserts and so on. Limiting their intake, you will naturally and easily get rid of extra pounds.

You normally earn intestine

At the time, as your brain receives pleasure from another sweet cake, to take the rap for all have digestive tract. After all, the splitting of sugar occurs in the intestine, and its excess disrupts the enzymes of the stomach, intestines and pancreas. When you stop eating sweets and replace it with foods with a high content of fiber, you will surprisingly discover that your bowels began to work literally like a Swiss watch.

You will not always want to eat “something sweet”

The mechanism of sugar addiction no different from drugs. You eat candy; your brain gets pleasure — you reach for the next one. And so until then while in a zone of your reach is something sweet. The positive news is that to break this cycle is still possible. As soon as you change your diet, you will note that sweet you want it less and less, and soon you will be surprised to see all these strange people around, which absorb mountains of sweets.

You know the real taste of the food

You carefully choose the exquisite variety of tea, and then put in a Cup a few spoonfuls of sugar? Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of coffee but can’t drink it without the sweet? If you affirmatively answer these and similar questions, the present taste these wonderful drinks you, unfortunately, don’t know. Like many other products, which is why they eat a fair amount of sugar. Yes, the first time can be confusing, but it will take only two weeks, not more, and you will remember my last “sweet” life as a terrible dream.

Сладкая зависимость: названы весомые причины отказа от сахара

We will remind, famous fitness trainer Hanna Yakovenko told how to effectively rid yourself of sugar addiction.

Completely from sweet to refuse not necessary, but sweets must be consumed in limited quantities. Norm sweet a day 20% carbs. If Your norm of 250 g of carbohydrates, 200 g slow carbohydrates, and 50 grams of fast, i.e. sweet. And it’s about 75 grams of raisins or 2 tablespoons of honey.

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