Sweden has been fined black man, showing the child’s genitals

The man who came from the Gambia, works as a waiter in Sweden, one day in may he showed the genitals of a local child.

В Швеции был оштрафован темнокожий мужчина, показавший ребенку гениталии May 11, a young woman came to the cafe in the city of Sollentuna, with her were her two children. She walked up to the counter to pay, suddenly saw that the employee of the institution, the waiter shows her six-year-old son’s genitals.

The detention of the Gambian explained to the police that he “showed the child is just part of the penis”, and said that he did it at the request of the child. Confirmed this information, the media is not specified. As African said that “the thought that he was interested in my skin color”. The boy said that the stranger at first his t-shirt and showed part of the stomach, and then lowered his pants.

On the facts of the incident, the man was fined by the court. The amount of the fine will amount to € 404. Also like to show the genitals of children will have to pay 77 euros to Fund the fight against sexual violence against children.

A month ago in Moscow, was detained a resident of the area Izmailovo, which regularly showed the genitals of minors. 55-year-old man often went to the staircase and to the balcony without clothes on, could approach the teenagers start to communicate with them. Conversations precinct at the man not acted, and the man was waiting in the entrance of a girl of 9 years, ran away and informed their parents.May 30, the man was detained, concerning it criminal case is brought.

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