Sutton’s dream takes flight

organisateurs-mis-plein-vue-invites(Sutton) Cultural Park and the residence of artists D’Arts and dreams were inaugurated in great Saturday afternoon in Sutton, under a hot sun making the ideal time for the launch.

The organizers have put impress guests with thrilling performances of two circus artists.

The park, an idyllic seven acre where a small stream flows peacefully, certainly inspire the creation and peace. The trails recall the bucolic landscapes of the Swiss Alps. It will be open free to the public year round.

“A year and three months to think, to dream this place … and look where we are today,” commented one of the project leaders, Nicole Côté, visibly proud of the result. Her husband Henri Lamoureux and his niece, Joanie Leroux-Côté, have accompanied the adventure.

Several personalities were present for the occasion. Richard Clement, former Minister of Culture under René Lévesque, was responsible for the animation, while the director of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Nathalie Bondil, was the honorary president.

“This is a unique and important project for the cultural development,” Richard said.

“I am impressed very modern values ​​conveyed here, said for his part Ms. Bondil. It will be a remarkable and gathering place. You can rely on the Museum of Fine Arts to help decorate the park. ”

Residential homes
The homes, which are not yet completed 100% start to welcome artists from September.

The artists, who live both for a period of six weeks, can send their application to be accepted. “They will make their project before a selection board, says Nicole Côté. We hope to welcome artists from here, but also elsewhere in the world. ”

Each will have his room, in addition to having access to public areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

Three types of activities will take place in the residence: the very broad category of visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.), circus arts, and literature.


“Why this project questions ?, Nicole Côté. Because the arts are essential to life. It leads straight to happiness, it makes you think. A park like this adds to the culture. Sculptures will be added over time, it will still constantly improving. ”

For these improvements, Ms. Côté and his team set a goal to collect $ 50,000 from the public. “One important work still to do to make it more accessible, more enjoyable,” says the lady, adding that this is a phased plan over five years.

She also believes in an open-air amphitheater with 350 seats to accommodate the circus, which could be added within five years.

Her husband, Henri Lamoureux, is proud of the collective achievement. “This eco-cultural project in the heart of the city of Sutton is possible through collective effort and solidarity of the people and volunteers, he says. It is a beautiful legacy for future generations. ”

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