Suspicious death of a 28 years: a criminal investigation is opened

auto-patrouille-surete-quebecThe Saguenay police opened a criminal investigation into the suspicious death of a 28 year old woman, occurred Wednesday in Chicoutimi. A search was conducted on the same day in the home of the St. Luke street where a greenhouse than a hundred cannabis plants was dismantled.

Emergency services received a call early Wednesday morning, shortly after 5:30, a woman in cardiac arrest. It was at that moment that the presence of drugs and cannabis plants was found, said the spokesman of the Public Security Saguenay (SPS), Bruno Cormier.

Around 13h, investigators special projects then went into the housing of the rue Saint-Luc. They seized 93 cannabis plants, 65 grams of cannabis, seven grams of cocaine and $ 505 in cash, for a total of over $ 122,000. A 32 year old man was arrested and charged with cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine and possession of stolen money.

The young woman could not be revived, but died later that evening at the Chicoutimi Hospital. Investigators await toxicology results to find out more about the causes of his death.

“Many drugs were also found on site. Is there could have been a mixture of drugs and medicines? This is what toxicology can say, “said the agent Cormier Monday at Daily. It is not possible at this stage of the investigation to say that his death was caused by drug use, he said.

According to the findings of the investigation by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the SPS, other charges to be laid against the man arrested in housing.

The coroner in the record, Mr. Sylvain Truchon, went to the Chicoutimi hospital on Wednesday evening. “I began my investigation, I do not know the causes or circumstances of death,” he said in a telephone interview.

In the case of a criminal investigation by the police, the coroner must however wait for the investigation and the legal process that may result are completed prior to filing its own report.

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