Survivor in a fiery plane crash was out on bond: that’s what saved her

Выжившая в огненной авиакатастрофе вышла на связь: вот, что ее спасло

In Russia, the inhabitant of Murmansk Alena Medvedev miraculously got on the plane which crashed and claimed many lives

A woman with a child was in the Belgorod and bought plane tickets home last night. In Moscow waiting for her transplant on that burnt Superjet. But for some reason a couple of days before departure she decided to take the tickets:

“Going back to the beginning of the work week… But with the chief agreed that these three days will be on vacation. And I have stayed here. Initially when I bought the tickets, knew that the 5-th will not fly. Don’t know why. The feeling that we need to stay here, in Belgorod. The soul lay.

Of course, all turned out! Didn’t think so big. And I realized that would be where more than half of the victims. I have basically a well developed intuition” — said the lucky lady.

Выжившая в огненной авиакатастрофе вышла на связь: вот, что ее спасло

About the tragedy, Allen said the parents, who, snatching the handset, dial daughter. After all, she was supposed to fly this flight.

As you know, on may 5 at the Russian Sheremetyevo there was a terrible emergency: a passenger plane made an emergency landing at the airport, and after landing, caught fire.

41 people were killed in the emergency. Bodies of victims are already delivered to the morgue. The place of the accident continue to work with the emergency situations Ministry.

Telegram-channel 112 has published photos from the scene of an emergency. The footage shows that the fire which broke out while trying to land, completely destroyed the cabin of the aircraft.

Выжившая в огненной авиакатастрофе вышла на связь: вот, что ее спасло

The commander of the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 Denis Evdokimov in communication with journalists confirmed that before landing, the plane really was struck by lightning, then started having problems with the equipment.

“After a full stop, we announced the emergency evacuation. First and second pilot got out of the cab, then me. Once I’m on the street did not look – there is a fire, no. Car fire already been. The fire began after planting. That is, in the air we had no fire,” he said.

Recall, the stewardess of the burned plane and told how it really was.

We also wrote that appeared frightening photos of the burnt cabin of the aircraft.

Even politeka reported that Putin has disgraced himself with a fiery plane crash near Moscow.