Surfer attacked by a shark: the details of the tragedy in the ocean

Серфера атаковала акула: подробности трагедии в океане

A couple of days before the tragedy, the press was full of warnings to be careful of those who goes into the open ocean

33-year-old man off the coast of the French island of réunion in the Indian ocean surf.

Suddenly, he was attacked by a shark. As a result, man lost his leg. The man was able to pull out of the water and taken to the nearest hospital. Doctors tried to save the victim, but was powerless. A surfer died.

Серфера атаковала акула: подробности трагедии в океане

Before that, the local press published announcement, warning all those involved in water sports, be vigilant and cautious as there is a risk of a shark attack.

It is reported that this is the second shark attack on a person this year.

Since 2011, off the coast of Reunion had recorded 24 cases of shark attacks on people, 11 of them were fatal.

As previously reported, child were attacked by scary predator, the day of his birth. The incident happened in Florida (USA). There is a girl near the shore was attacked by a shark.

Peyton shields with their parents came to the beach to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The child decided to swim and went into the water. The girl literally came to his chest, suddenly started screaming. Frightened parents thought at first that Peyton was stung by a poisonous jellyfish, but then my father saw how the water around her turned red.

Peyton, barely standing on his feet, climbed out of the water. Of her legs and left arm blood gushing.

On the shore she told me she was attacked by a shark, which swam quite close to the shore. At first, the predator grabbed the girl’s leg, she tried to ward off the shark by the hand, then she grabbed the hand Peyton.

The child’s parents are not confused. Called an ambulance and put a tourniquet on the limb daughter to stop the bleeding. Visiting doctors hospitalized her, unsuccessfully met with a shark.

Серфера атаковала акула: подробности трагедии в океане

In the hospital the child was given stitches bandaged the bites and was discharged the next morning.

First thing he did Paint, it went to the beach again to celebrate so quickly ended on the eve of their birthday. Peyton unhappy with one doctor strongly recommend her to swim.

Recall that a shark disguised as a baby in the aquarium occurred daring robbery.

As reported Politeka, the Russian singer on holiday was bitten by a shark: “watch your fingers. Just a gesture”.

Also Politeka wrote that the girl fell into a shark-infested pool: video of the moment and everything that happened then.