Surfaced the scandalous truth about the new lump Zelensky: “previously bore the name…”

Всплыла скандальная правда о новой шишке Зеленского:  «раньше носил фамилию…»

The new head of the Cherkasy regional state administration Igor Shevchenko once changed his name

It is reported by an Apostrophe with reference to the “18000” and government sources in Cherkasy region.

According to local policy, informed Shevchenko bore the name Kikot. Exactly when and why he decided to change her remains unknown.

Всплыла скандальная правда о новой шишке Зеленского:  «раньше носил фамилию…»

It is worth noting that in the Declaration of the new head of the Cherkassk area stated that he owns a house, apartment, non-residential building and two plots of land in Cherkassy. In addition, it owns a flat in Russia, bought in July 2017, and part of non-residential premises and land in Russia, acquired in June 2017. These objects he owns jointly with the Stavropol businessmen Andrey Lunev and Mikhail Arzimanov.

Also Shevchenko has declared freight cars and three passenger cars. In particular, the price of the AUDI Q7 is estimated at 2 million.

In addition, it is known that the officer is the owner of companies “export plus” and “Hermes — Igor Shevchenko”, registered in the Italian city of Rimini.

Всплыла скандальная правда о новой шишке Зеленского:  «раньше носил фамилию…»

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Vladimir Zelensky gave officials in Cherkasy the dressing over the unfinished airport.

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On 31 July the head of state arrived on a working visit to Cherkasy. In the social network Facebook there was a video of his altercation with the Director of the company who could not give him a clear answer.

During the trip, Vladimir Zelensky checked the work of reconstruction of the Cherkasy airport. There continue to build the runway and terminal. The President conceded only journalists and officials on the list, authenticated by the detector.

At the beginning of the visit, the guarantor asked the Director of enterprise “Cherkasy airport” Ivan Daliborka when the object will be able to take the first plane and passengers. During the presentation of the planned activities the President asked when the expected completion of the work: “I’m sorry, so when they finish the airport?”.

He said that the reconstruction need to spend another two years and 750 million. In total, his plan to pull 128 million.

Recall negotiations Zelensky and Putin: there was an unexpected statement.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky furious blew another “thief” in Cherkassy.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky ticked off in Cherkasy, local bump hard paid.