Surfaced the scandalous details of divorce lolita’s “Love is tasty to eat and…”

Всплыли скандальные подробности развода Лолиты: «Любит вкусно пожрать и…»

Tragedy in the family of Russian singer Lolita Milavskaya cluttered with details, which you “merge” celebrity

This time noted blogger Lena Miro in his LiveJournal.

“Her husband left her for a completely different reason. Her name — female alcoholism. And he is much more dangerous and frightening the men,” she said.

Всплыли скандальные подробности развода Лолиты: «Любит вкусно пожрать и…»

In addition, the blogger said that Lolita is actually not the “wild and eccentric”, which seems to be on the stage. She drinks a lot, because that creates this image and actions.

“I don’t believe that Lolita is just uninhibited woman who loves tasty to eat. I think she is an alcoholic, and this is the cause of all her inappropriate antics, and not the absence of complexes typical for many artists the desire to shock the public,” she said.

As previously reported, the Russian singer Anita Tsoy said the details of the divorce colleagues of Lolita Milavskaya husband

“Personally, I am fans of Lolita and all her friends will be just happy if she will reconcile with her husband. Maybe they all get. Maybe they really just got excited? When he said he was going to divorce, Lola was very upset and worried still. But parting is calmly: no tantrums, swearing and unnecessary emotions. She’s going through different. Thinking to buy apartment of the daughter of Dima or give him the money. Worried how he will be poor without it, would not to go hungry,” she said.

Singer argues that Lolita is “spoiled” husband because of what he might be experiencing discomfort.

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“Dima, apparently, want to be a man, a leader. While Lola earns more than he does. In this issue there is complexity. They are actually a couple of good, but the time from the seventh to the tenth year of family life — crisis. I just experienced a family crises… Lolita can also happen if both spouses will try to fulfil the obligations they have undertaken. Resentment, even the old, destroy the family,” she said.

Всплыли скандальные подробности развода Лолиты: «Любит вкусно пожрать и…»

Recall that Lolita fell off my chair at your party.

Also Politeka wrote that Lolita was blackened by grief.

As Politeka wrote that lolita was submitted to the court.