Surfaced photos and unknown facts from the life of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk: “She passed…”

Всплыли неизвестные фото и факты из жизни Анастасии Заворотнюк: «Ей передалось…»

Information surfaced about an unknown period in the life of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who is now undergoing cancer treatment

About how to live the artist in an interview with “Hometown,” said 73‑year-old actor Volgograd theatre of young spectator, Boris Kudryavtsev.

“In 1972, the parents of Anastasia, Valentina and Yuri Zavorotnyuk arrived in Volgograd, they brought with them eighteen months she and her seven year old brother Svyatoslav”, – said the actor.

Всплыли неизвестные фото и факты из жизни Анастасии Заворотнюк: «Ей передалось…»

In his lovam, the reason was the invitation of the father of Anastasia’s work on Volgograd television operator. Soon after the change of residence of mother Zavorotnyuk took a job in the local youth theatre.

“Anastasia is a copy of Valentina: the same miniature, the same big eyes — well, copy!” And Anastasia passed on the theatrical and the human charm that was inherent in her mother,” he said.

The artist also added that Valentine often took her little Cindy when she had no one to sit. The actor spoke about how he personally had to wear Zavorotnyuk on hand.

“Nastya were drawn to mom when were in the theater will see it and runs, and Valentina play, her to go on stage. Then we, other actors, including me, took little Cindy on his hands, rocked to sleep, something told her — tried to distract,” – said Boris.

After two years of living in Volgograd Nastya’s parents moved to Astrakhan.

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Earlier, the astrologer Vlad Ross said that the condition of the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk to deteriorate, she may not live until next year.

Всплыли неизвестные фото и факты из жизни Анастасии Заворотнюк: «Ей передалось…»

According to him, the forecast for the actress disappointing and based on a combination of planets that have settled adversely.

“This day joined the great misfortune planet Saturn, the planet of small misfortunes Mars and the planet of death, Pluto. Plus they are all – in combination with Jupiter, indicating a public outcry. And, in addition, all of these planets in the house of death,” he said.

The astrologer said that the disease Zavorotnyuk began to thrive right after her birthday.

Recall, the cause of cancer Anastasia Zavorotnyuk about this, no one spoke.

As reported Politeka cancer Zavorotnyuk was in the midst of the scandal in Ukraine: “forced to flee”.

Also Politeka wrote that the stylist Zavorotnyuk gave juicy details about the star: “they could decide on…”.