Suprun has called a product-killer for Ukrainians: three ways to escape

Супрун назвала продукт-убийцу для украинцев: три способа спастись

Daily prepared food, we eat a lot of salt and often do not notice it. Excess salt is one of the key dangers to our health.

This is important, because most people in the world kills not Smoking and not even high pressure, and poor nutrition, including excess salt in the diet, about this in his Facebook post says Ulyana Suprun.

Daily intake of salt for a person who has serious health problems, is 6 grams. This is about one teaspoon, but usually we exceed it by almost half. For children, the norm is even smaller: 1 to 3 years — 2 g per day, from 4 to 6 3 g and 7 to 10 years — 5 g.

The US Institute of medicine published a Strategy to reduce salt intake. There are many tips on how to make their food less salty, more healthy and tasty:

Супрун назвала продукт-убийцу для украинцев: три способа спастись

Prepare your salt shakers, maybe they will need you soon

— Eat homemade food and be careful with fast food

Sandwiches from fast food restaurants or other snacks can contain almost the daily norm of salt. Many in the “junk food” — pizza, hot dogs, spaghetti with sauce, smoked meat and dishes with ketchup. If you eat some of it, watch your diet during the day and try to avoid salty foods.

— High content of salt may be in products that don’t seem salty to the taste. For example, it is muffins, energy, sports drinks or Breakfast cereals. Carefully read the contents of these products on the labels. If salt or sodium is listed in the beginning — a lot of them here. Suggest to refuse from such products.

— Dishes from the restaurant can also be high in salt, of which we hardly know. Therefore, it is better to cook at home or give preference to establishments that served meals with minimal processing.

— Eat more fruits and vegetables and prefer fresh products

— Fill half their plates with fruits and vegetables. Our body needs far more potassium than sodium. Fruits and vegetables are a good fill that need.

— Semi-finished products or ready meals contain far more salt than their ingredients. Check the labels and choose foods that contain no more than 300 mg of salt per serving.

— You may be surprised that there are foods that contain a lot of sodium, but don’t have salt in the composition. This is because they contain other forms of sodium, e.g. monosodium glutamate, sodium zirat or baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).

— Buy fresh produce from farmers markets or local supermarkets, don’t forget about seasonality. Compare products from different manufacturers. One and the same product in different brands may contain different amounts of salt. This is especially true of smoked meats, snacks, cheeses and pastries.

Gradually encourage yourself to changes

— Start with reducing the portions — so you will automatically decrease and the number of calories and amount of salt. You can follow a fairly simple rule: the more food calories, the more it salt.

— Train your food buds. Studies show that we can change their eating habits, therefore, to accustom ourselves to enjoy unsalted food. Try to mix dishes from his usual portion of salt and reduced. Eventually you will stop noticing the difference. Our taste buds are almost not able to distinguish between reducing salt by a quarter.

Супрун назвала продукт-убийцу для украинцев: три способа спастись

— To get rid of the salt and at the same time to give to the dishes of new flavors will help spices, dry and fresh herbs, garlic, ginger, citrus, wine and vinegar. It is also better to consume iodized salt, as many Ukrainian have moderate iodine deficiency.

— Reducing the amount of sodium in the dishes, you can face the fact that the salt and the traditional fats that our body needs, almost inseparable. The solution is to choose vegetable fats. Useful in avocados, nuts, and soy.

— Be careful but do not add salt dishes twice. If, during cooking add salty ingredients, you might not actually salting the dish further. This is particularly true of homemade sauces and preservation.

Traditional foods with high salt content replace more useful alternatives. Instead of bouillon cubes cook homemade soup, replace white bread for whole grain, ready salted condiments and sauces, replace cooked.

See the new culinary techniques and cuisines of other countries. You may be able to find the idea of cooking fruit, vegetables and other useful products, but for the exotic recipes that will help to reveal the taste of food without salt.

We will remind that the Ministry of health opened the main intrigue: what makes Suprun

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