Supporters of Poroshenko “blocked” the entrance to Kiev: an urgent appeal for emergency

Сторонники Порошенко "заблокировали" въезд в Киев: срочное обращение из-за ЧП

Police said that at the entrance to Kiev was formed a collapse, which was caused by the importation of “supporters” Poroshenko to the debate

First Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Yarovoy said that the police in all possible ways trying to cope with the traffic situation, formed at the entrance to Kiev, due to the large number of spectators arrived for the debate of candidates in presidents of Ukraine, the press service of the interior Ministry.

Sergey Yarovoy added that police urged drivers to treat the situation with understanding.

According to preliminary estimates, at the NSC “Olympic” expect around 60 thousand people. Security will be present to provide 10 thousand representatives of law enforcement agencies.

People taking buses across the country. Proof of this are the photos of the buses with employees of the three cities — Zaporozhye, Berdyansk, Borodyanka.

Everything imported will be required to attend the debate and support the current President.

“People are driven like cattle to clap the asshole, considering them his slaves…” — wrote in Facebook local activist Maxim Ivanishchev.

Сторонники Порошенко "заблокировали" въезд в Киев: срочное обращение из-за ЧП

Recall how many Zelensky and Poroshenko spent on the second round of elections.

As reported Politeka, Mishka of “Kvartal 95” recorded emergency treatment Olympic.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko urgently appealed to Zelensky before the debate.