Support a depressed person: what words you must use

Поддержка человека в депрессии: какие слова необходимо использовать

It is very important to find the right words for someone who’s depressed

What words we find for someone who’s depressed? It turns out that very often we say not what we need.

Most people still have a vague idea of what constitutes a mental disorder, psychologists say. Sometimes we say, “Oh, are you depressed? I also had depression.” But depression is not just sadness or boredom.

Below is the list of useful tips on how to communicate with someone who is depressed and what to say and what is not.

Поддержка человека в депрессии: какие слова необходимо использовать

I’m with you

What to say: you are not alone (-I), I’m here to support you. What NOT to say: there are people who are worse than you, think about them.

You are an important (na)

What to say: you are an important person for me. What NOT to say: everyone knows that in life a lot of injustice.

Let me help

What you should say: can I hug you? What NOT to say: stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Depression is a real disease

What to say: no, you’re quite normal (-a), you’re not crazy. What NOT to say: so, you’re depressed … aren’t you always depressed?

There is hope

What to say: we are close friends, and it’s okay to be attentive and caring to support each other. What NOT to say, then try to cope with their depression.

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You will be able to survive

What to say: all this will pass, and we’re still going to have fun and to enjoy life. What NOT to say: you yourself (-a) to blame (-a).

I’m trying hard to understand you

What to say: I can’t exactly feel what you feel, but I am trying to understand your condition. What NOT to say: believe me, I know how you feel. I also have a few days was depressed.

You don’t have to pull away from me

What to say: I will not leave you in the lurch like this. What NOT to say: I think your depression is some sort of punishment for us.

I care about you

What to say: I love you (say so only if you genuinely feel love for this man). What NOT to say, or are you still not tired all the time to only talk about themselves and their experiences?

Поддержка человека в депрессии: какие слова необходимо использовать

We go through this difficult period together

What to say: I’m sorry you’re suffering so much. I won’t leave you (y). I am quite in control of their condition, so don’t worry that your depression will have bad impact on me. What NOT to say: have you tried (-a) drink some camomile tea?

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