Supercooled water kept liquid during the hundred days

Переохлажденную воду сохранили жидкой в течение ста дней

Researchers from the Massachusetts General hospital in Boston have invented a simple and cheap way of storing liquids at low temperatures without crystallization. This work was published in the journal Nature Communications.

“Aqueous solutions in the amounts that we face every day, kristallizuetsya when the temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius. Our new method, which we called “deep hypothermia”, is that we simply define the surface of the liquid from the air solution, which does not mix with water. This surprisingly simple method can help to implement many fundamental experiments that seemed impossible”, — told about the new technology Burke Mouth.

The researchers also demonstrated that their method is applicable to storage of blood. Usually she was kept six weeks at a temperature of four degrees Celsius. New technology has allowed to store one hundred milliliters of the cell suspension at a temperature of minus 13 degrees Celsius for one hundred days. In the future the specialists are going to increase the volume to 500 milliliters. Perhaps the method will be adapted to storage organs.

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