Summer went and said: what a surprise prepared for the weather to Ukrainians

Лето разошлось не на шутку: какой сюрприз приготовила погода украинцам

Apparently, the summer is only mid-August took the reins into their own hands. However, in this period the inhabitants of the region are waiting for weather surprises. What? Read the weather forecast for Wednesday, August 14

As predicted by the meteorologist, the country will once again divide the rain and the sun. The day will be very hot.

Rains, weather forecasters promise to inhabitants and guests of the Western Ukraine. Night on the thermometer you can see the mark of +16…18°, and by day +28…+30.

In the North, mainly rain. Night in the region the air temperature will be +15…+17, and the day will rise to +30…+32°.

In the East, Sunny. At night, it’s +13…+15° C, and a very hot day, up to +30…+32°.

The heat will come and in the Central part of Ukraine. Here at night will be +18…+20, but in the afternoon on thermometers will be “African temperature up to +32…+34.

In the South , too hot and too Sunny. Night in the region of +18…+2O, but in the afternoon already to +32…+34°.

In Crimea, no precipitation. Night on the Peninsula +16…+18, the day temperature +29…+31°.

In Kiev, the weather forecasters promise a rain. Night in capital +16…+18° C, and at +30…+32.

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The wind will blow from the South-East, its strength and speed is 5-10 m/s.

Лето разошлось не на шутку: какой сюрприз приготовила погода украинцам

Recall, summer has left Ukraine, the cold snap will break even at the resorts.

As reported Politeka, August will force the Ukrainians to suffer: forecasters presented a disappointing weather forecast

Also Politeka wrote that the anomalous weather led to the disaster: all records broken.