Summer came ahead of time: Ukrainians waiting for a hot weekend

Лето явилось раньше времени: украинцев ждет жаркий викенд

Weather in most parts of Ukraine on Saturday, may 18, it will be like in the summer, however, some areas still rainy and cool

According to meteorologist, the weather in Ukraine on the Sabbath day, will please a large part of the population of hot pros. This will be in the South of the country, but fresh – in the West and one Central region.

For example, in Western Ukraine is still rainy. At night the temperature here drops to +10…+12°C, and during the day the thermometer issue a maximum of +23…+25.

In the North of the country without precipitation. At night +12…+14°C, daytime + 23…+25.

In the East, dry and warm +11…+13 at night and +24…+26 day.

Residents of Central Ukraine also won’t need the umbrellas. Unless the citizens and residents of Vinnytsia region will have a little sodden. Night in the region is expected to +14…+16, and in the afternoon the air warms up to +25…+27.

Residents of the South the day will be to enjoy almost summer sun. Night temperature will be +15…+17, but by day +27…+29°C.

In Crimea, partly cloudy, precipitations are not expected. Night +16…+18, day +24…+26.

East wind will blow with a speed of 7-12 m/s.

Recall that the dangerous cloud had seen in the sky over Kamenskoye: be afraid of acid rain.

As reported Politeka, forecasters have dramatically changed the forecast, “rejoiced too early”.

Also Politeka wrote that a powerful hurricane blew the Kyiv court of appeals: “case closed”.