Sugar, butter, and potatoes: nutritionists are concerned about the dangerous habits of Ukrainians

Сахар, масло и картошка: диетологи обеспокоены опасными привычками украинцев

Nutritionists concerned about the dangerous eating habits of Ukrainians

Ukrainians in the daily diet eat few fruits and berries and lots of sugar, which leads to cardiovascular diseases.

This was stated by the President of the Association of nutritionists, Oleg Shvets, during the discussions on the diet of the Ukrainians.

Сахар, масло и картошка: диетологи обеспокоены опасными привычками украинцев

“The diet of the Ukrainians today are dominated by potatoes — an average of 213 grams per day and allinoneruby bread — 280 grams per day, consumption of which nutritionists recommend to minimize. And only 20 percent of Ukrainians care about the amount of sugar in the daily diet, who eat average 90 grams instead of the recommended 25 g, the tolerable upper boundary — 50 g. Therefore, today in Ukraine the death rate from cardiovascular disease was 7 times higher than, for example, in France, ” — said Shvets.

If to speak about dairy products, added the expert, the Ukrainians prefer butter and cheese, which are also necessary to limit on the background upotreblenija dairy products 2-3 times a day. And fruits, vegetables and fish Ukrainians generally malnourished and 43 grams of fish per day on average instead of the recommended 73 g and only 123 g of fruit 300 g of the required

“Today, extends the view that healthy food is expensive, but it is not. If you really count the cost of what we eat, and the cost of food for a healthy diet, it turns out that to eat healthy food financial cheaper than buying unhealthy products,” said the nutritionist.

Сахар, масло и картошка: диетологи обеспокоены опасными привычками украинцев

He said that the online platform “Prostorove” Ukrainians can find actionable recommendations, what are some simple steps in changing diet can improve their health. Developed in the framework of the recommendations for healthy food approved by MOH of Ukraine and Center for public health MOH. Based on the experience of leading countries of the world, nutritionists have made them clear and simple to apply in everyday life of citizens.

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