Suffering from allergies will save the potatoes

Страдающих от аллергии спасет картофель

Intolerance to milk and dairy products will no longer be a problem thanks to science

In Norway, 1-3% of the population suffers from allergies to milk and dairy products. People with lactose intolerance need an alternative replacement. A researcher from Lund University (Sweden) Eva Thornburg was engaged in the development of potato milk.

“One problem of concern is the enrichment of milk in the potatoes omega-3 essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that are mainly found in oily fish,” said Eva Thornberg.

Страдающих от аллергии спасет картофель

Omega-3 acids are useful in that they eliminate the negative effects of harmful fatty acids and neutralize the products of oxidation in the human body.

It is technically difficult to convert plant-based creamy product, for example, milk. This is due to the fact that plant proteins are harder to extract than animals.

Thornburg found that the creaminess can be achieved if protein and starch in potatoes to heat up in a certain way and mix with rapeseed oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

According to the scientist, the composition of the potato milk will include a 6% rapeseed oil. This means that the 250 ml milk alternative will cover half your daily value of omega-3. In addition, a new milk product does not contain allergens.

In the future potato milk to be sold as an alternative to regular milk, yoghurt, cream and ice cream.

The drink is already tested in laboratory conditions, therefore, it is likely to go on sale this year.

First, this will most likely be a cocktail of a potato of milk with Apple juice and fruit. A method of manufacturing emulsions are patented under the company name Veg of Lund.

We will note, earlier we wrote than you can replace cow’s milk and considered the best and worst options for this replacement.

Страдающих от аллергии спасет картофель

For many people, drinking milk can result in a severe Allergy or upset stomach, others can not tolerate lactose, and others stick to a diet. Also there were cases when increased risk of cancer and diabetes. For one reason or another, a large number of people trying to reduce the use of dairy products. But, as with any food, alternatives to milk are high-quality and low-quality.

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