Suddenly gone from the life of the controversial Russian artist: “hated him and adored”

Внезапно ушел из жизни скандальный российский артист: "его ненавидели и обожали"

After a serious illness died the scandalous Russian film Director, his erotic works many times tried to ban

He died in a Moscow hospital. Cause of death was bilateral pneumonia and liver dysfunction. He was 52 years old.

Died artistic Director and Director of the Moscow conceptual theatre Cyril Ganin. Information about this published colleagues of the Director in his Facebook account.

The first performance of Cyril Ganin, “Behind closed doors” was shown in 1994, after the premiere the Director was arrested and forced to undergo a psychiatric examination. After that, the Director was preparing performances in their plays, and classic works.

A setting of Cyril Ganin on classic works caused protests by the heirs of copyright and a number of deputies of the State Duma. In 1999, the Director Ganina for the performance “Master and Margarita” was filed by an heir of Bulgakov, Sergei Shilovsky. The court won Director.

Внезапно ушел из жизни скандальный российский артист: "его ненавидели и обожали"

In 2003, upon direction of a play Kirill Ganin, “Lenin in sex” with a request to the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to put the Director, and the theater to dismiss, addressed the deputies of the Duma.

In 2012 were registered political party “Russia without obscurantism”. Ganin was its Chairman.

Farewell to Ganin will be held may 24 at St. Nicholas Archangel cemetery. The actors said that at the request of the Director of the Moscow conceptual theater will continue to operate normally. There will be a show of his plays.

Journalist Igor dudinskiy on the page in Facebook called the death Ganina irreplaceable loss. “He was a true romantic. Know how the universe is arranged, and loved to sneer about his imperfections. For knowledgeable people it will remain in history as a great reformer of theatre, draws inspiration from the archaic folk — in her humorous, farcical incarnation,” wrote Dudinskaya.

Внезапно ушел из жизни скандальный российский артист: "его ненавидели и обожали"

Recall that the star of the show “the Voice” died after the death of his beloved: the mystical tragedy.

As reported Politeka, the body of the famous musician found in a pool of blood: “save girlfriend-Russian”.

Also Politeka wrote that died a legend of Russian show business: “stay in the occupied Crimea was worth living”.