Suddenly gone from the life of 21-year-old beauty Queen: the last photo breaks the soul

Внезапно ушла из жизни 21-летняя королева красоты: последние фото разрывают душу

Today, June 19, dead 21-year-old Gauhar Kasaeva, which in 2015 won the title “Miss Atyrau”

Terrible diagnosis girls — sarcoma — doctors made in 2017.

“In 2017, I was examined for abdominal pain and learned that I have a great education in the abdomen. In my heart I already understood and accepted that the path to recovery will not be easy. Over time, it became hard to breathe, walk, and move. Surgery was done. Only after the surgery found out that I have a malignant tumor. Diagnosis: cancer (sarcoma). The news was terrible, very heavy, and I, like any man would, crying all day. I was sorry for myself, it was scary, I didn’t know what will happen next,” he then shared with your followers Gauhar.

Внезапно ушла из жизни 21-летняя королева красоты: последние фото разрывают душу

Внезапно ушла из жизни 21-летняя королева красоты: последние фото разрывают душу

After the surgery, the doctors recommended her to undergo radiation therapy abroad, once excluding chemotherapy. However, due to the lack of funds for treatment, the girl left it as is. 10 months later the disease returned.

Last year Gauhar was again operated on, and further treatment have to go abroad.

Also in the spring of this year died the winner of the contest “Young miss universe” Lotte van Der Zee.

It is known that the Dutch model has passed away on March 6, she was in coma before leaving. This was preceded by tragic events – her heart stopped, all of a sudden, the day before her twentieth birthday:

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“Our pearl, our all, died Wednesday evening, March 6, at 22:47. What our dear and beloved Lotte is no longer with us, seems to be untrue. Our hearts are truly broken. We would like to thank you all for the support and heartfelt messages,” wrote the parents of the model in her Instagram.

It is also known that the night before of a heart attack Lotte was at a party with friends. According to relatives, she came home “happy and without any complaints of feeling”, but for Breakfast the girl went down, and when the parents came into her room, found her in terrible condition.

Recall the famous model died tragically on holiday.

We also wrote that the corpse of well-known models found in the capital.

Even politeka reported that tragically killed Mrs. World.