Suddenly became the stars of “Beverly hills, 90210”: “suffer in silence”, the details of the tragedy

Внезапно не стало звезды "Беверли Хиллз, 90210": "страдал молча", подробности трагедии

Didn’t become a famous actor he became famous thanks to the television series “Beverly hills, 90210”

Died actor Brian Turk, who became famous role in the TV series “Beverly hills, 90210” and the movie “American pie 2”.

The artist died a few days earlier, but the information about his death was leaked just today, writes The Sun:

“50 th year of life after long illness died Brian Turk”. It is known that cancer is the star of the television AK diagnosed more than a year ago:

“For a long time he hid it from friends and relatives. They found out about his illness last summer. Then they created a special relief Fund, but to recover of the actor could not”, — referred to in the source material. Brian Turk has starred in such films as “Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles”, “Jurassic Park: the Lost world”, “American pie 2”.

Внезапно не стало звезды "Беверли Хиллз, 90210": "страдал молча", подробности трагедии

He left 8 years son and wife.

Recall also, on 69-m to year of life has died the legendary artist.

Starring in the musical “Jesus Christ superstar” died the day before. Actor Jeff Fenholt starred in the musical “Jesus Christ superstar”:

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“He was found dead in his own house.” Italo as it is known, earlier the actor had repeatedly complained of health problems.The artist considered himself an Evangelist and wanted to build a career as a Baptist preacher. After the termination of the speeches he had problems with alcohol and drugs.


“Jesus Christ superstar” rock-Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which was first staged on Broadway in October 1971. Fenholt played a major role in the Mark Hellinger Theater in new York more than 700 times. Also with the name Fenholt linked scandal – he previously claimed that he was the lead singer of the band Black Sabbath, and even wrote a few songs for them, after which he was not paid a fee. Members of the group deny that the voice of the artist was used on the album.

Внезапно не стало звезды "Беверли Хиллз, 90210": "страдал молча", подробности трагедии

We will remind, found the body of a famous boxer.

As he wrote Politeka, stopped the heart of a legend of French cinema.

Also Politeka wrote that famous Russian musician, before his death he changed beyond recognition.