Successor to Putin the collapse of Russia, announced a gloomy forecast: “All you want…”

Преемник Путина развалит Россию, озвучен мрачный прогноз: «Все захотят…»

In the near future, Russia faces a real collapse, which may be involved in the successor to current President Vladimir Putin

This was reported by the historian Peter Eltsov, reports “Voice of America”.

“If Russia becomes a truly democratic country with free elections throughout its territory, the regions will choose their governors, the Autonomous Republic — their leaders and to create their own power structures, for example, parliaments. It will be similar to what happened in the 1990-ies — all want independence as it wanted to Tatarstan or Chechnya. If you imagine that Russia will be headed by a democratically elected leader, then all this will just happen more peacefully,” he said.

Преемник Путина развалит Россию, озвучен мрачный прогноз: «Все захотят…»

Dace argues that Russia can “crack” under the pressure of separatism, with which Putin’s successor to handle. A similar situation may occur in the case of democratization.

“So, I think that democracy is in principle impossible within the current borders of Russia. The country needs to shrink, to let go of colonial possession”. – he stressed.

As previously reported, Vladimir Putin has brought the Russians to despair and doomed yourself to defeat. This was stated by the historian Andrei Zubov. He made conclusions from the results of the last poll “Levada-center”. Sociologists have found that the rating of the Russian President has fallen dramatically.

“In Russia, every day growing dissatisfaction with the regime with incredible speed. Turn on the mechanism of self-destruction system of government, when the government makes one stupid, senseless, for it is the most harmful action for others”, — said the analyst.

As a vivid example, he recalled the fires in Siberia. Specifically, the reaction of the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk territory. He said: “it’s okay, it’s better to burn out forest, is a natural process,” which caused the anger of the Russians.

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In addition, the supporters of Vladimir Putin made a big mistake in the elections to the Moscow city Duma. According to Andrey Zubov, they went to the most despicable measures to prevent opposition to the government. However, could not hide their machinations from ordinary citizens. As a result of the President is gradually turning away even the most dedicated people.

Преемник Путина развалит Россию, озвучен мрачный прогноз: «Все захотят…»

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