Success in love and stress: why get up at 6 in the morning

Успех в любви и стрессоустойчивость: зачем вставать в 6 утра

The quality and quantity of sleep greatly affects our physical and emotional health. As important a time when we begin to awake

Psychologists explained why we had better Wake up before 6:00 am. “The lark” more advantages in life, including success in love and a decreased risk of depression.

Успех в любви и стрессоустойчивость: зачем вставать в 6 утра

For many people the very thought about waking up before 6:00 in the morning seems daunting. Especially in winter, when the window is in this period of impenetrable night. However, observations show that early risers can be healthier and happier than the classic “owls” who prefer to sleep in.

It turned out that waking up before 6:00 am men 25% less likely to face depression. However, even these figures are unlikely to be sufficient motivation for those who prefer to sleep late and Wake up late.

“Do not think that if you “owl”, it is impossible to fix, says an Australian psychologist Dr Bailey Bosch. – If you are able to configure the new mode and reset circadian rhythms, the body will you for this love, because you will return it to a more natural and primitive regime like that in which our ancestors lived. The body is not very fond of artificial light and night, he used to go and stand in the light, it’s in our nature.”

Needless to say that my dream set up correctly people will feel much less fatigue during the day. And that means they will have more time and energy to perform a variety of cases and in order to maintain normal emotional and physical health.

Успех в любви и стрессоустойчивость: зачем вставать в 6 утра

In addition, it is important to Wake up and not loading some bad news. Better to read something from the life of stars and watch the show than to think about some things related to “results” and “achievements.” It is also very important for the psyche during the day.

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