Submitted a new comic project from the Studio Quarter-95

“Women’s Quarter”: Elena Kravetz gathered friends and humoristic on a bright evening.

Представлено новий гумористичний проект від студії Квартал-95

On the TV channel “1+1” on 6 October at 21:15 will premiere new Comedy project “Women’s Quarter” from the Studio “Kvartal 95”, which involved 14 beautiful, talented, famous and bravest of the fair half of mankind, informs Rus.Media.

September 25, the project leader Elena Kravetz arranged the bright party-presentation to the women’s “Paradise” Oh My Look. The host of the event was the actor Studio “Kvartal 95” and one of the authors of the “Women’s Quarter” Alexander Pikalov.

Women’s Quarter” is the area of girls. Here they are always right and openly joking about marriage, beauty, everyday problems, men and about yourself. But for girls, there are many other topics that they want to raise. Participants claim that in each of the editions with humor will beat a situation in which the fall of the future spectators of the “Women’s Quarter” and their girlfriends” – said one of the authors of the project Valery Zhidkov.

On the stage of the “Quarter” it was always men, so “Women’s Quarter” – an unusual and unexpected project, but, according to Alexander Pikalov, and very necessary: “This is a show that was long overdue to balance male and female energies in the “block” and beautify the world.”

Elena Kravets said that between the participants there is no hostility and competition, and work on a project they put all effort to work enthusiastically and lovingly.

“Humor men always accurate and powerful. They do so well. But the chemistry you feel when jokes beautiful woman – this is the exclusive, so that everyone is waiting for,” added Elena.

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Participating in the musical-Comedy of the project were the actress “Evening Quarter” Elena Kravets, the heroine of the series “servant of the people” Olga Zhukovtsov, participating in the “League of laughter” Orujova Anastasia, Tatiana the Dog, Irina Saponara, Valeria Tovstoles, Ekaterina Nikitina and Alexander Mahlatini, the actress of “Evening Kiev” and new romantic Comedy “I, you, he, she” Nastya Short, the Young theatre actress Anastasia Evtushenko singer and “the Voice” to “1 1” Faith Cecelia, Marta Adamchuk, Elina Mani and Lali Ergemlidze. The creators of the project called girls just – “14 friends of the Quarter”.

Premiere of the new project will take place on 6 October at 21:15 on TV channel “1+1”. And 29 November in the October Palace will be a concert-capture with “Women’s Quarter”.

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