Stylish and dangerous: how high heels affect health

Стильно и опасно: как обувь на высоких каблуках влияет на здоровье

Stylish and elegant women’s shoes high heels can lead to health problems

Shoes with high heels is harmful to health and not only your legs.

Changing posture

Stiletto high heels change your posture in an unnatural, significantly straining the joints. The spine, which in flat shoes is in the forward position, takes the form of the letter S, in which the chest and lower back are put forward and the hips go back.

Стильно и опасно: как обувь на высоких каблуках влияет на здоровье

Heel height also changes the weight falling on the toe of the foot. Heel height 2.5 cm increases the pressure by 22%, a 5-inch heel by 57%, and a heel height of 7.5 cm by 76 per cent. This increased pressure puts the toe of the foot at risk of such injuries as stress fractures, “bump” on the big toe, and HAMMER the curvature of the toe.

Knee pain

When wearing shoes with high heels is often the pain in my knees. The height of the heel increases the tension of the knee joint and respective communications. Group muscles front of the thigh works hard, increasing the pressure on the kneecap by up to 26%. This can significantly increase the development of osteoarthritis of the knee joint and the delicate (tissue inflammation of the tendon) of the quadriceps.

Problems with the muscles

If you constantly wear these shoes, leg muscle and Achilles tendon can contract and become shorter. If a woman is used to wearing high heels, she may lose the ability to wear shoes without a heel. This increases the chances of inflammation of the tissue of the Achilles ‘ tendon or Shin split.


Changes in posture and overall imbalance lead to instability when walking, and the risk of ankle sprains. High heels, especially stilettos, just dangerous in this respect. Ankle sprain is due to the fact that the bone is tucked in, resulting in stretched ligaments connecting the bones of the feet and lower legs, and stabilize the bone. The result is swelling, bruising and pain. In the worst case, possible ankle fracture, a ligament can pull a piece of bone or bones of the foot may even break down due to the stretching of the tendon.

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Changing the shape of the foot

High heels are like most women, that look beautiful. They make the leg slimmer. Many high heels are so narrow that cause the toes to take their shape. Additional pressure on the toes can aggravate corns and deformity of fingers. The pressure shoes may cause blisters.

Стильно и опасно: как обувь на высоких каблуках влияет на здоровье

Compression of the metatarsal bones can cause pressure on nerves that pass between them. Morton’s syndrome, which is a growth and inflammation of the nerve, can form due to pressure. Remember, shoes should sit on my feet comfortably, and not to compress them.

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