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The starting segment of the championship passed for the “Cologne” just awful – the team is firmly in the last place. Did the pause affect the mood of the club and will it be worthy to play against Stuttgart on the road? – answers to these questions in our forecast.


“Stuttgart” rather mediocre spent the starting segment of the championship and so far is at the bottom of the table. For seven matches, the Swabians won only twice, the last Victoria was back in the middle of September at home on “Wolfsburg”. After that, three matches brought only one score – a zero draw with Augsburg, there were failures with Smarbach’s Borussia (0-2) and Anthracht (1: 2). The subtotal is disappointing – the 14th place, the prospects are still unclear


If the “Stuttgart” manages to score at least some points, the “Cologne” and still not yet. For seven matches, “goats” earned only one scoring point, having played away a tie with “Hannover”, the remaining matches were lost with a total score of 2:15. Of the positive points can be noted except that a good match with Leipzig (1: 2) before the pause, where the first time appeared starry veteran rookie Claudio Pissarro.

Statistics and personal meetings

In three home games of “Stuttgart” only two goals scored
“Cologne” at a party until he scored, conceding four games nine goals
The last time the teams met in the season 15/16 – the exchange of guest wins by 3: 1.


All statistics are now against an effective game, but we do not agree too much with this. “Cologne” in a critical situation, without scored goals and wins, the team is likely to fly, and the position of “Stuttgart” looks only slightly better. Losing the clubs have absolutely nothing, to sit on the defensive and let the competitors into the gap now is unprofitable, then you can not catch up.

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