Stupid conscientious bride before the wedding

Глупый поступок совестливой невесты перед свадьбой

— I can’t! Well, not to start family life! — distressed Light my friend before his wedding.

— Why are you alarmed now? You have too much going on, too late to sprinkle ashes on his head. Relax and get ready for the wedding — I tried to distract her friend from the sad thoughts.

— No! I feel terrible! I tell him everything! — not appeased Light.

Why? It’s been good to you. Well, you never know what it was 100 years ago. Why rake up the past? No one will be better if you tell him everything — either you or him. So just cut it out.

I was hoping that Light will follow my advice and common sense, and will not tell the groom that a couple of years ago foolishly cheated on him with a former colleague at work (married, by the way), but Light didn’t want to pull this unpleasant truth alone, and has told everything to her boyfriend.

The wedding, of course, did not take place, and instead of one happy family, we beheld the two unfortunate young people.

Us from childhood hammered that bitter truth is better than sweet lie. But, unfortunately, did not explain how to live with this bitter truth, and to whom she even gave. I don’t know people who would be happy to know the bitter truth. It almost always makes people unhappy.

No matter how we wanted to live in a world of absolute honesty, there are things about which it is better never to tell and never know. To men is, incidentally, also applies. If we screwed up once, just live with it and not shift the burden of remorse in the second half.

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Immoral for those who feel no guilt and is able to negotiate with his own conscience. If you are one of those, so these “chips” is not for you. Live honestly and do not poison the lives of yourself or others.

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