Students will be obliged to wear “night” form, “must be all”

Школьников обяжут носить «ночную» форму: «должна быть у всех»

From 1st September students will find an interesting innovation, which will operate in the dark

About it reports a press-service of the Cabinet.

So, the decision was taken in the spring during a national coordination meeting on the issues of road safety. And during the meeting the issue of safety of children as traffic participants, was one of the main.

Школьников обяжут носить «ночную» форму: «должна быть у всех»

“On September 1, grades 1-4, all students should be specillay that will allow the child to be visible in the dark. It is necessary to create system of protection of children. The issue of road safety here is of paramount importance,” — said Groisman.

Check that the sample garment was already prepared. The vests themselves are individual and free.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian children no longer will be required to go to school in uniform. The decision to abolish compulsory school uniforms for children adopted President Vladimir Zelensky. Thursday, June 20, it invalidated the relevant decree No. 417, issued by the second President Leonid Kuchma on 12 June 1996. This is stated on the website of the President.

This document established the mandatory school uniform for pupils of secondary educational establishments of all types. It was signed in support of citizens ‘ initiatives and proposals of the Ministry of education.

Also cancelled the order provided for the adoption of various kinds of shape for the age groups of students and secondary educational institutions of different levels.

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We will add, earlier the President Vladimir Zelensky has signed his first law. According to information on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, the document was returned with a signature from the President on June 19.

“Mr. President, let me ask you to sign the first law in his life. This law, adopted on may 30, 2019. Voted by 248 deputies. It sets new rules for granting leave in connection with adoption of a child. This is a small text, but it is very important because it is your first signature as President,” — said the head of the presidential Administration Andriy Bogdan.

The law provides that persons who adopted a child from among children-orphans or children deprived of parental care, one-time paid leave in connection with the adoption of a child by duration of 56 calendar days. In this case the adoption of two or more children is 70 calendar days, excluding holidays and nonworking days after the entry into force of the court decision on adoption of the child. It is emphasized that such leave is granted, provided that the application request received no later than three months from the date of entry into force of the court decision on adoption of the child.

Школьников обяжут носить «ночную» форму: «должна быть у всех»

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