Student stabbed his entire family, five dead: surviving father spoke for the first time

Школьник зарезал всю свою семью, пять погибших: выживший отец впервые заговорил

Loud murder has put on ears of all that is now known about the terrible tragedy

Father 16-the summer teenager who killed an entire family in the Russian village near Ulyanovsk, is now in a state of shock.

According to the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Lyulkova, the man is not willing to communicate and discuss the funeral, so it’s not yet known who will be the organizer of the ceremony. Also, the official said the authorities are ready to assist in this matter.

It is known that the mother and father divorced a few years ago, and the woman moved with her 11-year-old son to her parents. At that time the ex-wife was expecting twins from another man. The father maintained contact with his child.

Школьник зарезал всю свою семью, пять погибших: выживший отец впервые заговорил

Friends of the killer said that the relatives well-behaved with him and he did not hold on anybody harm. However, the teenager left her a Voicemail before his death, where he told that brother and sister didn’t love him, and his mother was hurt.

Earlier we wrote that on Sunday night 16-year-old hacked to death 42-year-old mother and 4 year old twins. He then killed the grandparents are 66 and 69 years who lived with his family in the same house.

After that, he jumped off a cell tower near the village and crashed. At home found a suicide note on a torn out page from the student notebooks. The teenager said that leaving and taking his family with him.

On the eve of a terrible murder, the boy sent a message to a friend where he told he didn’t want to kill grandparents. However, he could not keep them alive so as not to upset and forced to do it.

Investigators are examining recording and looking for a friend.

It should be noted that teenager I remember how quiet and gifted student, he participated in the Olympiads for school students in different subjects and in the competition “University challenge”.

Школьник зарезал всю свою семью, пять погибших: выживший отец впервые заговорил

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Recall that a terrible tragedy occurred on 18 August, in the village of Patrikeevo was the day dedicated to stationed military units. Company teenagers together with the future killer was also at the ceremony. Around midnight a guy came to his friend, took his modem, and then went to kill the sleeping relatives.

Also in the note the teenager admitted that he was easy to kill and the mother he called “the main enemy”.

We will remind, the student dealt with his entire family: “I explained everything in the note” harrowing footage

As reported Politeka, live from the home where the student killed his entire family appeared on the network: puddles of blood and a lot of toys

Also Politeka wrote that crimes against children has stirred up Ukraine