Strong snow storm hit the Washington

The capital of the United States of Washington on Sunday was covered with a strong snow storm. This is the first snow storm in Washington in 2019.

The local meteorological service reported that in the U.S. capital by the end of the day on January 13 already dropped half a foot of snow and Monday because of the heavy snowfall won’t work a school of Washington.

Due to the snow storm on city roads much less vehicles than usual. And pedestrians have to walk on the roadway because the sidewalks are just piled with snow.

For Washington snow is not as common, but heavy snowfalls and all are extremely rare, the locals have adapted to the abnormally weather.

For example, many Washington residents took to the streets of the city with snowboards and kites (circling) to have a fun time riding around one of the city’s attractions – the Washington monument.

In Maryland and the District of Columbia, local authorities urged residents to be extremely careful during the violence of the weather and to be vigilant on snowy roads.

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