Stretch marks are absolutely necessary want to lose weight

Растяжки абсолютно необходимы желающим похудеть

If you want to lose weight, be sure to do exercises to stretch. Experts warn that this is a key part of physical activity for people battling with excess weight.

Experts in the field of sport and physiotherapy argue about how important exercise is for stretching, and if they speed up recovery after intense workouts. It is alleged that stretchcleanse the body of lactic acid. However, it is necessary to understand the difference between stretching for recovery after physical exertion and to change the contours of the body.

During training we use muscles, they use a fuel that leaves behind waste in the form of lactic acid. In addition, the muscle fibers undergo micro-cracking. For this we need time to recover. Professional athletes use many methods to speed up the process of cryotherapy, compression and ice baths to hyperbaric oxygenation and stretch marks. Numerous studies have shown that stretch marks do not give to accelerate the muscle recovery process after a workout. The only effective means to accelerate this process is massage.

But for the people who would like to change the contours of the body and lose weight, stretching is very important. Studies have shown that exercises to develop flexibility directly improve the functionality of the muscles. Extensions of time improve blood flow to the muscles. This is the most effective exercises for those who would like to get rid of excess weight and get better body shape.


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