Stranger from Facebook gave a dream house large family

The benefactor calls his name and asks the woman not to tell anyone the details.

Незнайомець з Фейсбуку подарував будинок мрії багатодітній сім&#039ї

In the life of Mary Rakus from the village, Lviv region Corobici a miracle happened – in other word: a mother of a 9 daughters received as a gift a big and beautiful house from a complete stranger. The man not only paid for a dream house large family, but also helps to beat it. Neither fame nor PR wants – asked Mary, even the name to call, they say, good things don’t have to be loud, informs Rus.Media.

Read in the paper found on the social network

Maria, my family calls the “woman’s battalion” – she has 9 daughters. Two older live alone – one already started a family and gave Mary’s grandson, the second is studying at the University. Maria, her husband, who recently returned from the ATO, and 7 girls huddle in a room of 22 square meters, divided one yard from the neighbors. Fortunately freed soon – before the winter the family will move into spacious new home. Maria still can’t believe this happiness, because new housing gave them.

– The newspaper published an article about our family in about a week or two I Facebook received a message. The man wrote that he read about us and would like to help. How to help how – wrote nothing. We exchanged numbers, he later asked what diapers and mixture need youngest daughter, and all. A week later called back and said that he was at the cottage in a neighboring village and would like to come if it is convenient for me. Brought sweets, diapers. Asked about the house, the kids, told my girls – beauties, looked like live, asked if we have a bathroom. We have a place for her there, but Finance is not enough. He looked up and said: “you all need to radically change,” recalls Maria.

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New friend said goodbye and left, but close to the village Council. There he stunned the Secretary, they say, want to buy a new home for girls that houses in the village are sold and how much.

– Half an hour call: “Mary, you are here home prices, I can buy you a house.” For me it was such a shock! I sat down and could not reply to tell! – the woman laughs. – We agreed that the Secretary will select a few houses and we would go to watch them. It was obvious that he didn’t like, although the prices were less than half for the house he bought us. Said that importantly, the house was great. I told him that the house in the beginning of the village, offered to look, but be warned that the price there is much higher. Sergei visited the house and said, “Yes, it’s an option!”. We stood there in silence.

Not for PR, but because they can

The new house has three rooms – 19,6, 19 and 25 sq. m, high ceilings, small garden, spacious courtyard and veranda… one room at all and a common yard with neighbors – heaven! The transaction took place, why a woman until the last could not believe.

– All documents in my name, he never indicated! Sergei, that was his name, paid for everything, even promised to help with repairs. He is now overseas on a business trip, but hired the man who organized the plumbers, changes Windows makes us the furniture, says Maria.

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Whoever asked, the benefactor calls his name and asks the woman not to tell anyone the details.

– Sergey said that he has a son, he was 2 years old, and it has all the benefits that only you can have, and there are so many girls crammed into one room. He has the ability to help, and he will help. I ask, can you go into politics? Now we have done so for PR. No, he said, thank him, and he has his own business, and it is enough – says the woman. – I don’t know how it happens!

Незнайомець з Фейсбуку подарував будинок мрії багатодітній сім&#039ї

The son has no hope

Baby to the new home delighted to have shared the room who is where and with whom you want to live, now I wait, when it’s finished and you can move in. How to thank Sergey for your kindness, to Express all the gratitude, the woman does not know – says that the end of life to be praying for him and his family, because the house was the most cherished dream mothers of large families.

– We went to a social services worker on a weekly basis, knew how much we crammed into one room, and each time was told that the money for us at another house there, – Maria sighs Rakus.

With the children and the household cope Mary herself, her husband recently suffered a heart attack, so while recovering. This marriage is for women the second, the first husband died suddenly, leaving two daughters orphaned. Though the character of each daughter is different and no dispute is not complete, but a large family living in friendship.

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– I have one daughter studying at University, one married, the other is in the 8th, 7th, 4th, 3rd and 1st grades, one goes to kindergarten and the youngest 3 months, lists its main wealth. – All surprised that this had 9 children and all girls! When I went with the latter, had not even asked the doctors already knew it was a girl. After 4-5 second child wanted a son, and then, and hope was gone. When the husband was at the front, girls started to call us a bitch the battalion, laughs Maria.

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