Stood for half a century in the garage VAZ-2103 sell for $60 thousand

In Togliatti was put up for sale VAZ-2103, which has stood in the garage for half a century, for $ 60,000. The car was created in 1979, but for all the 38 years he traveled only 100 kilometers.

“Lada” are now in excellent condition and the mileage of 100 kilometers increases their cost, as well as the factory items, so the owner hopes to sell the car for $ 60,000.


For a similar cost on the market you can buy premium cars or sports cars by Ford Mustang. However, the seller is sure that the cost of cars can be more, as the VAZ-2103 is a rarity in excellent condition.


The owner of “Lada” for $ 60,000 I am sure that there is a buyer, since there are not so many old car with a mileage of 100 kilometers and factory parts. It is worth noting that the car looks like brand new, interior has retained its appearance, on the body no corrosion.

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