Stockcar: passion by Caroline Champigny

quand-entends-moteur-tourne-mon(Granby) Baby, she followed her father to the races in Granby and Drummondville. Champigny say Caroline fell in when she was small is an understatement!

Caroline is in his fourth season as a publicist of Autodrome Granby. The stock car, she loves, she loves, she eats. And by his own admission, it is never enough.

“When I hear a motor running, my heart pounding, launches lady 30 years. And auto racing, despite all the technology we now found in cars, it is emotion pure. See a crazy driver be joy after winning, it moves me. ”

Ms. Champigny is close pilots. To the website of the Autodrome, she directed several video interviews. The euphoria of victory, as the agony of abandonment as a result of mechanical failure, she understands.

“I am publicist, but there’s a part of my job that falls journalism and that, I like that. When I collected comments from a hot driver, I feel I am of information. This is one side of my job that I like. ”

During the racing season, this in charge of activities in a retirement home is 20 to 25 hours a week in his passion. I must say it is the public relations RPM Speedway in Saint-Marcel, who is also the property of Dominic Lussier group.

“I attend programs presented in Granby and Saint-Marcel, but I’ll also often the races in Drummondville and Cornwall for fun. The season is short in Quebec, I try to make the most! ”

In a man’s world

Motor racing is seen as a rather macho universe. But now, Caroline Champigny tell you that she feels quite at home in the wells at Autodrome.

“My father worked in a garage for 30 years and people stock car has always been very respectful toward me, she said. I feel that I belong to the group, I am one of them. There was never any discomfort, nothing. The stock car is filled with good people, people passionate about their sport like me. ”

Women behind the wheel, there are some at Autodrome. But Caroline never really thought about being a pilot.

“We already offered me a wheel. But I’m blundering. And I do not allow myself to gaffer with a car that is not for me! ”

Tell sport

Unpretentious, Champigny Caroline says she sees a bit like an ambassador of stock car on clay. A sport, it must be said, is sometimes seen from above by some.

“It was a super nice sport and there are still too many people who do not know, ‘she says. Those who shun us they know that there are thousands and thousands of people who attend the programs of stock-car on clay every week? It deserves respect! ”


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