Stir with dollar: what will be the price of products, the experts gave all

Переполох с курсом доллара: что будет ценами на продукты, эксперты выдали все

The expert described the reason for the increase in food prices in Ukraine

In Ukraine, despite the strengthening of the hryvnia to the dollar, food prices did not fall, only rise. One of the reasons was the risk that the sellers put in the cost of goods.

This is stated in the material “Today”.

Experts point out that in countries with an unstable economy risks especially high, and the exchange rate is unstable.

“No one can understand what will happen after some time. But many deferred payment for 30, 45 days. How to lay the course of 24 UAH if you don’t understand, what will it be in this time, and you have a margin of 20%? If the exchange rate rises, you could spend all your profit to lose just because of the leap year. And if the rate will be 28, then you “flew” and actually leaving the market. Business and taught in recent years to take risks, but risks carefully,” – said the head of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

Переполох с курсом доллара: что будет ценами на продукты, эксперты выдали все

According to him, dollar oriented and Ukrainian producers, and almost everything.

He also noted that the strengthening of the hryvnia continues almost throughout the year, but producers are the sellers still “prepare for the worst”. While Doroshenko says that at higher rates would grow much faster.

“Prices are now growing more slowly than at a constant rate, especially when growing. Inflation is falling. For example, at the end of 2018, it was 9.8 per cent to 13.6 per cent. The main factor that causes the reduction of inflation, is what strengthened the hryvnia,” – said Doroshenko.

Informed financial expert Vadim Iosub said that in the next few days the dollar will continue its growth.

According to him, the next week is expected to further rise of the dollar to the local currency, so American currency will cost 25 hryvnia

Iosub also reminded that our expectations for the market since last Thursday, and the most intensive growth was recorded this week on Tuesday and Wednesday, when it reached its local maximum.

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Переполох с курсом доллара: что будет ценами на продукты, эксперты выдали все

It was reported earlier that the hryvnia continues to break records, the dollar last week fell to its lowest level this year to 24.5 UAH, but experts believe that to avoid seasonal devaluation will not succeed. According to analysts, next week, the hryvnia strengthened even more

“Unless, of course, will not be any shocks in the world. Given that the Bank now has no clear position to keep some level, I think that very soon we will run mark in 24 UAH/$,” said financial analyst Vasyl nevmerzhytskiy.

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