Sting and Gabriel memorable!

sting-peter-gabriel-presente-spectacle(Quebec) CRITICAL / To open the 49th Quebec City Summer Festival, organizers turned to two veteran whose proposal, called Rock Paper Scissors, was full of promise. No doubt they were held Thursday on the Plains of Abraham: Sting and Peter Gabriel came with a neat show, which shone both by its precise interpretations expanded its packaging.

The two stars were to be a little unlucky. The single external representation of their joint tour was hosted by inclement weather. Or if it was chilly, the rain kept falling and this made a big difference in festival: the Plains were well met.

This is Gabriel had the honor to open the ball, with The Rhythm of The Heat. Immediately, we could feel that the machine behind him was perfectly oiled. The play launched the concert with grip and subtlety. Then, Sting appeared for If I Ever Lose My Faith In You flawless, displaying colors with a blue leather jacket. Because both clans actually had separate colors: red for Gabriel or by items of clothing or lighting, blue for the team of his vis-à-vis.

Healthy competition

Do not believe we were dealing with some sort of confrontation, at most for healthy competition, which led both teams to excel. After the one and the other will be succeeded, leaders teamed on songs like No Self Control or Shock The Monkey. Former Police is also suitable as a Genesis which is far from unnoticed among progressive fans of Quebec: Dancing With the Moonlit Knight. For his part, Peter Gabriel has taken If You Love Somebody Set Them Free in a soulful version slowed terribly well done.

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