Stéphane Plaza and the issuance Hunters appart’ under investigation for sexism in the CSA belge – Here

Very popular in France, Stéphane Plaza and its emissions are also among our belgian neighbors. One of the inhabitants of the flat country had yet entered the CSA for sexism, and the belgian institution has decided to open an investigation.

The humor of Stéphane Plaza has not rained in a téléspectatrice belgian who has finished more appalled than entertained by watching Hunters apart, the clash of the champions.

Scarred by “the sexism conveyed throughout the show” by the moderator and the assembly of the sequences, the inhabitant of in addition to-Quiévrain has entered the Superior Council of the Audiovisual of belgium, as stated by the AFP. It is also insurgent against ” the attitude of the presenter Stéphane Plaza against women […] during the program, as well as the editorial choices made by the show to present women “.

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After study of this report, the agency determined that it was appropriate to open an investigation. The CSA belgian has therefore launched a process to “possible infringement of the principle of equality between women and men” which will be for the channel that airs the program. The constable of the tv of our neighbours has confirmed in a press release that it intends to investigate the “numerous passages” program, which according to his analysis, ” raise questions in terms of sexism and portrayal of women “.

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In its press release, it cites ” the words and attitudes of the facilitator, of the notes of the male competitors, the comments of the voice-overs are often accompanied by montages of images and audio that support them “, ” oriented towards the only women’s physical, and in a relation of seduction “.

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