Step away from the refrigerator: six tips on how to overcome the psychological hunger

Отойди от холодильника: шесть советов, как победить психологический голод

The sense of “to such a screwed tasty”, even when you just recently ate food familiar to most people: to overcome this habit, incidentally, is not hard

To cope with the “psychological hunger”, though not easy, but possible. There are a few simple rules which you will be able to accustom the body to eat as much as he needs, writes Clatch.

Why when you’re on a diet, all time wants to eat? Because most “correct” diets mean a good set of products, through which you can be satisfied enough.

It is not in the menu and not the food, it’s in psychology. I want to, because it is impossible. To deny yourself to eat your favorite foods is very difficult, isn’t it? To stop constantly to deny yourself, follow a few simple rules.

Water is your best friend

Water is a very important component of any weight loss. You need to drink a lot and often. If plain water gets boring, add a lemon juice or honey. Don’t give up on cups of green tea or freshly squeezed juice. Remember that store-bought juice is bad, they have too much sugar.

I wanted to eat – PrisADI

Отойди от холодильника: шесть советов, как победить психологический голод

Physical exercise not only help to stay in shape and banish hunger. If you don’t mind, do exercises at work. You will be surprised, because after 20 squats, your body will cease to require food.

Hot bath + aromatherapy

If you want to hunger literally vanished – lie down in the bath or light a fragrant candle. And even better – combine these two methods of struggle with irrepressible gusto.

Outsmart yourself

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Replace the utensils from which you always eat. Get a little not deep dish. The smaller the plate, the more it appears in her portion.

No red!

As you know, red and orange awaken the appetite, so they should be avoided.

Healthy sleep

Отойди от холодильника: шесть советов, как победить психологический голод

Undoubtedly, sleep regulates many processes in our body, including hunger. You need to sleep no less than 7-8 hours a day to get rid of overeating.

All of these tricks work, but the main cause of hunger is an unbalanced diet. You need to establish your regime and follow a diet, then your stomach will not have any claims.

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