Station to heat stroke, said the CNESST

1227269(SHERBROOKE) In this time of extreme heat, employers and workers must take steps to prevent heatstroke.

The CNESST recalls that it can be dangerous, even deadly, to perform physical labor by oppressive heat.

It is possible to prevent heat stroke by drinking fresh water in sufficient quantity, even if there is thirst.

We should wear light clothing, light colored, preferably cotton, to promote the evaporation of sweat and cover their heads.

We must adjust the pace of work in terms of its heat tolerance and take breaks in the shade or in a cool place regularly.

Heat stroke occurs when the body fails to cool properly. Thus, body temperature, normally 37 ° C, increases and can reach 40.6 ° C (105 ° F) and more, says the CNESST (formerly CSST).

This can occur suddenly when performing physical labor in hot weather. In the absence of cooling measures, hyperthermia will grow, causing irreversible damage to vital organs and eventually death.

Recall that Environment Canada issued an extreme heat warning for the Estrie region with mercuries can exceed 30 degrees and a humidex within 40 degrees.

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