Statements about the existence of a monopoly in the electricity market are groundless – expert

Заявления о наличии монополии на рынке электроэнергии безосновательны, - эксперт

About 70% of the electricity produced by state energy companies, more than 50% of them — the company “Energoatom”

Kolomoyskogo claim about a monopoly on rinku electroenergy not pdcre rodnymi darazami. About TSE saying expert “Ukrayinsky institutu of the future” Andrian Procp in nterv Yu journalst, komentuoti claim olgasha about neophit demonopolize energorisk, powders glavcom.

Expert zaznaev, scho about 70% electroenergy virossa the reigning energocompany, hope 50% of them – company “Enerhoatom”. I, on Yogo Dumka, stesnyat poll “Energoatom” ineefective.

“It is not necessary to conduct MOV poll about “Energoatom”, that scho TSE United clena company s duzhe specify proflam, power radacina BEZPEKA, and General power efektivnost when podl for this reason compan – TSE will not be effective”, — said Prop.

Scho States compan DTEK, the expert nagada about rsena Antitrust komatu, that visnaw scho won yea not monopolistom on rinku. Everything I said schodo profiling , bezpasnosti.

“What country, in yakih riven concentrat on rink elektricno ENERG digit greater, than in Ukraine. France ), – Croatia, where over 70% of single gravity viable. Ale main power – TSE naslite prosaro pratsyuyut Regulus General description. TSE in this case Antimonopolniy comtet National Casa – z , reguluvannya energy komunalnih of the hotel. That is, given those scho Rinok neglect, Golovnin vielem small bi Buti prosort work controluce organs of the first regulator. Yakscho yea AKS concrete at a time dokazi slaviana Graziani on rinku, required sparse tawlati about TSI dokazi, pokazivati h and after, surely, scho say about power podlu, Paasilinna konkurenz”, — nagolovu Procp.

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Naadam in structur virobnictva electroenergy for the first purcha 2019 rock share AES put she her of 53.4%, ten (DTEK, “Centrenergo, Donbasenergo”) – 29%, CHP – KU – 7,8%, GES – 4.9%, AND GAEZ – by 0.9%, Unit-pumping station – 1%, VDE – 3%.

As Director of the Center dozen problems gromadyanska suspilstvo Wtli Kulik in materal for Internet vidannya “Hvilya” visloviv Dumka, scho bladesman Igor Kolomoisky pid Haslam demonopolize goto Perel rinku energy. He zaznaczyl scho gerippt “Centrenergo” vzhe pereboeva pid control olgasha, I will nastepnym Mauger Buti “Enerhoatom”.