State statistics Committee: Ukraine will soon rise chicken

Derive from two factors of the problem is the rising costs for meat production and outbreak of African swine fever.

Держстат: в Україні незабаром подорожчає курятина

If the virus will continue to spread across Europe through the wild boar population, it will provoke the demand for exports from American, canadian and Brazilian pork, and other meat – beef, chicken and believe in the state statistics service informs Rus.Media.

In addition, a separate problem is the increasing cost of production of agricultural products in Ukraine. In January-August 2018 expenses increased by 14.3% compared to the same period of 2017. This was reported in the Association of poultry breeders of Ukraine.

However, while the prices for chicken – one of the lowest in the world, and Ukraine is in the top 3 largest suppliers of poultry meat to the EU.

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