State of emergency in Kiev: shooting at the office of the Deputy picked up the ears of the city, the details

ЧП в Киеве: стрельба в офисе депутата подняла на уши город, подробности

State of emergency in Kiev occurred on the night of Friday, August 9, in Darnitsky district of Kiev there was a daring robbery with the shooting

On the street Boryspil, 34 peaceful sleep of the inhabitants was interrupted by the sound of gunfire and police sirens, reports “Informant”.

As soon as the man with the gun popped up with the prey, he was immediately met by security and police.

During the shooting, suffered a robber.

About 02:15 the guards reacted to the penetration in the office of one of deputies. The robber climbed through the window, took out the money from the safe and opened the door from the inside, went outside, met face-to-face with the newly-arrived guard. In hands the man had a hunting rifle, which he sent to the opponent. The representative of security firm fired a warning shot into the air, but realizing that the robber’s about to pop, opened fire first. One rubber bullet hit the wall of the house, and the second cheek to the attacker.

ЧП в Киеве: стрельба в офисе депутата подняла на уши город, подробности

Soon on the scene arrived, the first patrols of the police and detained the armed man. In his bags they found about 50 rounds of rifle, a few balaclavas and stolen from the office of money. The detainee assisted the doctors and was taken to hospital under police escort. It is known that he was a few months ago out of the prison. The details of the incident militiamen establish.

Earlier it was reported that in Obolon district in Kiev, a verbal altercation between two men ended in gunfire.

The incident occurred in early may, 2019 on the summer terrace “porter pub”. Jealous husband made six shots at the opponent, and then threw the weapon, got in the car and tried to escape. Each girl received a gunshot wound of the foot.

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The offender was wanted, but he decided to come to confession. Prosecutors sent the case materials to the court where 45-year-old man can get up to seven years of imprisonment.

ЧП в Киеве: стрельба в офисе депутата подняла на уши город, подробности

The victim was a journalist, who together with the former wife of the attacker and friends spent time on the summer terrace of the bar.

ЧП в Киеве: стрельба в офисе депутата подняла на уши город, подробности

Recall the last words of the famous Ukrainian host before death tear the soul.

As reported Politeka, the death of the famous Ukrainian host acquires mysteries: called the date of death.

Politeka also wrote that the murder workers Happy is cluttered with items found at the site of the massacre.