State mines received an additional 10 billion hryvnia after the introduction of the “Rotterdam+”, – Volynets

Государственные шахты дополнительно получили 10 миллиардов гривен после введения формулы "Роттердам+", - Волынец

State mines since the adoption of the formula has additionally received more than 10 billion UAH. that slowed down the dynamics of growth of wage arrears

This was stated by Michael Volynets, Chairman of the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine, transfers “DS”.

“State of mine received 10 billion hryvnia by increasing the price of coal, bringing it gradually to the European level of prices. And private mines have invested in the development of the coal industry, its mines and increase the production of coal,” he said.

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Recall the introduction of the “Rotterdam” price on the state of coal was 1000-1200 UAH/ton, that doesn’t even cover the cost of its production. After the introduction of the “Rotterdam+” the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine gradually began to increase significantly underestimated the price of coal from state mines to market levels. However, for a long period of underfunding and lack of investment in modernization, the cost is still growing, generating new social explosions of miners.

As reported, the miners of the state mines “Kurakhovskaya” and “Capital” on strike, demanding to pay wage arrears. 12 Aug joined the protests the workers of the mine “Ukraine”. The miners are not paid a salary for several months, particularly with the miners “Kurakhovskaya” paid off 80% only for may paid in June and July they didn’t. The situation in the mining region is sharpened. On 25 August the miners of the state mines are planning to organize rallies under the Office of the President and Cabinet.