Started: 8 asteroids are hurtling towards Earth, NASA made a sudden warning

Началось: сразу 8 астероидов летят к Земле, НАСА сделало внезапное предупреждение

After a few days our planet will approach 8 asteroids, one of them began a convergence on 10 October 2019, said scientists

NASA said that the closest distance that will close several blocks of space to the Earth, to be a bit more than 1.1 million km.

Началось: сразу 8 астероидов летят к Земле, НАСА сделало внезапное предупреждение

So, on October 12 in the sky you will see four of the asteroid, whose sizes range from 25 to 92 meters. Three 33-39-foot space body will fly by October 13.

Note, the asteroid is a relatively small celestial body in the Solar system orbiting around the Sun. Asteroids is much lower on mass and size planets are irregular in shape and have no atmosphere, although they can be companions.

Currently in the Solar system discovered hundreds of thousands of asteroids. According to the Minor Planet Center (MPC) on 1 April 2017, 729 626 discovered minor planets.

The largest asteroid in the Solar system, Ceres was considered, having the dimensions of about 975×909 km, however, on August 24, 2006, she received the status of dwarf planet. The other two major asteroid Pallas and Vesta have diameters of ~500 km Vesta is the only asteroid belt that can be seen with the naked eye.

Earlier it was reported that Saturn has discovered 20 new satellites. As it became known, the discovery was made by a team of astronomers under the leadership of Scott Sheppard.

Началось: сразу 8 астероидов летят к Земле, НАСА сделало внезапное предупреждение

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This made the planet record in the Solar system – 82 satellite. Earlier this title belonged to Jupiter (79 satellites). It is worth saying that anyone can give the name of the detected satellite. However, there is a condition: they must be named after giants from Norse, Inuit, or Gallic mythology.

Before it was reported, the inhabitants of the Earth could see 8-9 Oct unique cosmic phenomenon of meteor shower Draconids.

This phenomenon occurs every year, when in October the Earth passes through the debris trail of comet Giacobini-Zinner. Compared to other meteor Draconids slower. In the sky you can have time to notice the smooth motion of meteors, which are flashing orange or yellow light.

The intensity of this “star rain” is not very high — up to 15 meteors per hour. Although every year it can vary, reaching hundreds of glowing particles per hour.

Recall that scientists have named a new reason for the melting of the glaciers: “if the situation does not change, then…”.

As reported Politeka, Saturn has surprised scientists with a number of his companions: “has the record”.

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