Star of the famous reality show crashed in a car accident: photos of the handsome

Звезда известного реалити-шоу разбился в ДТП: фото красавчика

A member of the famous show in the hospital after a terrible accident

The evening of 14 August participant of the show “Married with Buzova” Alexander Grinev was involved in a serious accident. Arrived at the doctors made the decision about the hospitalization of men, reports StarHit.

One of the favorites “to Marry Buzova” 30-year-old Alexander green after the project is completed on time disappeared from screens, but today his name came up in connection with the accident in Moscow.

Звезда известного реалити-шоу разбился в ДТП: фото красавчика

Green was involved in a serious accident in which he needed extra help. Now clarified the circumstances of the accident. Alexander Grinev questions about his health while not responding.

Note that Alexander Grinev has been one of the favorites of Olga Buzova, however, in the seventh edition of the star decided to say goodbye to the man. She believed that the party really didn’t love her, but simply PR.

Звезда известного реалити-шоу разбился в ДТП: фото красавчика

“To be a husband for Olga he is not ready. Notably, he also showed signs of reaction lies to questions about adultery and public relations. That is, it is still possible to conclude that for man, an important public relations as a result of this project,” — that was the result of the check Grineva lie detector.

A few months after that, Alexander had been spotted kissing a member of the show “the Bachelor” Natalia Gorohovoj. It is known that the man considers himself a master at seduction of girls.

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Звезда известного реалити-шоу разбился в ДТП: фото красавчика

“For me the most important emotional exchange, comfortable communication with a person, and sex is a pleasant addition that happens by mutual consent. It’s okay! To meet a girl, give her mutual emotions and by mutual consent to have sex — why not? You can fall in love with each other or not call the person the next day. But I’m more interested to think what will happen to the girl in the future. But no methods, chips to fraudulently get a girl in bed to use, and then to “throw away” — I’ve never been,” — said Alexander Grinev.

Recall that Polyakov “followed” sabredance.

As reported Pоliteka, Polyakova in bed confused by all candid photos.

Also Politeka wrote that Polyakov was tried on a down jacket Buzova and laugh fans