Star of the cult film crashed in an accident: “the hand was separately collected as a puzzle”

Звезда культового фильма разбился в ДТП: "рука была отдельно, собирали как пазл"

Star of the cult film crashed accident

Actor of the cult film “You at me one” mark Goronok was involved in a serious accident. The tragedy occurred on the highway near St. Petersburg, reports

A celebrity was driving the car along with 70-year-old mother when they are at full speed crashed into a foreign car.

After a terrible accident mark Goronok located at the research Institute of emergency care named Dzhanelidze. Doctors diagnosed him with a severe brain injury and numerous fractures.

Звезда культового фильма разбился в ДТП: "рука была отдельно, собирали как пазл"

The actor has already had two surgeries. In addition, Goranko will need prolonged treatment and difficult rehabilitation. Doctors predict several months of rehabilitation at best. However, a complete regeneration of all tissues of the body need more than one year.

One of the main problems which had to face the doctors, was the fact that the artist had nearly lost an arm. Experts will not guarantee that the arm can be maintained, and if possible, it is not known how long she will be able to fully function.

Wife of the victim of the actor Anna Goronok told Russian media that the hand her husband had collected literally in parts, and a doctors not give a comforting predictions about the future fate of an actor.

Звезда культового фильма разбился в ДТП: "рука была отдельно, собирали как пазл"

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“Now put plates, metal frames, but without the expensive procedures and further surgical intervention is necessary. What to pay for them, I don’t know,” he shared trouble Anna Goronok.

A married couple with a small daughter and lives in a rented apartment, the financial situation in the family precarious. Anna is forced to take the girl with him to the hospital to see him.

Mark’s wife Goranka added that now the artist has a new project in movie after a long break. The accident may make it go away. Celebrity several times a day to inject pain medication.

In addition, mark is concerned about the health of the mother, which also after the accident, diagnosed with a hip fracture and other pelvic bones. 70-year-old woman will be forced to learn to walk again.

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