Star “Daddy’s daughters” for the first time showed a photo of the eldest son: “it’s cool to hang out with this guy”

Звезда "Папиных дочек" впервые показала фото старшего сына: "классно тусить с этим парнем"

Famous Russian actress who played the role of athletes Genis in the TV series “father’s daughter” Daria Melnikova photo showed a grown up son

The girl is married to actor Arthur by Smolyaninova and is the mother of two children. In 2015 they had a boy named Arthur, and the younger son appearing to light in December last year.

Until recently, the star parents were trying to hide kids from the cameras and the paparazzi. However, on the eve of the Instagram artist has a long-awaited post — photos in the company of grown-up Arthur.

“So cool to hang out with this guy,” she signed the selfie with the boy in the Elevator.

Звезда "Папиных дочек" впервые показала фото старшего сына: "классно тусить с этим парнем"

It should be noted that the face of a four year old heir to the star family at this time was covered with sunglasses. But attentive subscribers said that the baby looks just like her mother.

Melnikov and Smoljaninov got married in 2013. The couple rarely advertise the details of your life. In 2013, they spoke about the birth of a son. First pregnancy Melnikova long concealed, at the end of 2017, fans learned that the child was named after his father. Melnikov occasionally posted pictures of his son from behind and told fans about his upbringing.

Recently, the actress from “Daddy’s daughters” Ekaterina Starshova, which we all remember the role of Buttons, surprised fans childish images.

17-year-old star has published a picture where she lies in a white bathing suit, closed my eyes and my tongue, and some guy in parallel to this picture pulled more and strawberry.

And this photo is the fans of the young star received a mixed reception. Some Internet users have recognized that the picture was too provocative.

“She’s 18, and she throws these photos. Signed children!”, “It’s too early to put this”, “Daddy daughter 18+?”, “The button is not the same,” — says the girl’s photo in Instagram.

Звезда "Папиных дочек" впервые показала фото старшего сына: "классно тусить с этим парнем"

However, there were also those who decided to protect a young girl. They noted that in her picture there is nothing bad or too revealing.

It should be noted that Kate did not intend to pursue an acting career. Girl dreams of becoming a doctor and doing everything possible to implement their plan.

Recall Polezhaykin from “Daddy’s daughters” were shocked by his transformation.

As reported Politeka, button from “Daddy’s daughters” has alarmed fans with childish antics.

Also Politeka wrote that the star “Daddy’s daughters” fast, choose the latter.