Star actress nearly became a victim of the maniac: “Put a knife and….”

Звездная актриса едва не стала жертвой маньяка: «Приставил нож и….»

The famous actress told how to drive the train for her almost turned into a real rape

This is reported by Russian media.

So, the actress Yana Poplavskaya told that the incident happened in his youth. During a trip in the car it started to bother the neighbor.

At some point she felt that her shoulder blades he had a knife and could kill her if she tries anything. However, she managed to beg from the man a cigarette and to talk to him. Poplavskaya told that she has a small child. In response, the offender is constantly saying “You’re so brave, mouse.”

Звездная актриса едва не стала жертвой маньяка: «Приставил нож и….»

After I managed to get rid of the maniac, the girl came to his car and curled up on the shelf and not falling asleep.

“No one in the train I had no sympathy. No one believed me. Everyone thought I was drunk,” she said.

As previously reported, a terrible thing happened in a small town in the Russian province. 60-year-old former policeman turned serial rapist. So, in the city of Strezhevoy of the Tomsk region, which is home to slightly more than 40 thousand people, about 15 years wielded a rapist.

According to investigators, the man pulled the hat and gloves, under the threat of murder raped women, sometimes climbed to this end, in the house. A man took the contraceptive pill and always forced his victims to wash after the crime.

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Knowing local police, women did not go to authorities, because ,first, was afraid of publicity, and secondly, not really hoping that the murderer will be caught.

Звездная актриса едва не стала жертвой маньяка: «Приставил нож и….»

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As reported Politeka, the maniac put on the ears of the whole country, dozens of victims: there are photos of the suspect.

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