St. Leger: “We did not ask for it”

citoyens-rue-leger-succede-micro(Granby) The City of Granby failed to achieve unanimity around the proposed development of a multifunctional track rue Léger Tuesday night, when was held the first of two public consultation meetings, scheduled for residents affected by the work. These have continued to object strongly to the addition of this infrastructure in their street.

“It is for nothing and you did not ask us to impose” denounced a citizen a few times during the evening.

Residents expressed their rejection of all shades and with different arguments for more than two hours. The public consultation meeting was also not completed when the representative of the Eastern Voice had to leave to write.

But they had a lot to do, because the mayor, Pascal Bonin, is, for its part, convinced of the merits of the development of a network of multipurpose trails.

“I honestly think it’s the thing to do because most citizens complaints are about the speed in the streets and security. (…) There was an opportunity presented to us that the children of today and tomorrow are safe. This is my number one priority. I do not intend to turn my way. I did my homework and I would feel like to miss my shot, “he began.

Modes of transport are also in transformation, notes the mayor Bonin, and bicycle lanes is, in his eyes, set to accelerate over the coming decades.


But it’s up to residents of the Light Street, the cycle network will deploy outside their street. The importance of the slope which the artery is provided is itself so that it is inconceivable to accommodate a multipurpose path, repeated several of them.

A few residents, especially young parents, did try to speak in favor of the project, but they lived in the surrounding streets, they did not seem to move the majority of the room, hostile to the project.

Affected by the works, Richard Rainville for his part, said finding the project “very good” and suggested that the municipal property assessment could increase. His intervention, however, reacted citizen, Hattie Dittman. “You are Propane Rainville (note: it is one of the owners)? You are a friend of Mr. Bonin. That’s why your tanks are still on the St. Charles street, “she began.

The evening has been stormy at times. On other occasions, it is however the Bonin mayor reacted as when another resident of the Light Street, Suzette Lapierre said he had a “high-the-heart” when she sees the multifunctional track Drummond Street.

“You are not your time madam,” said he dropped, immediately sparking protests from the audience.

Global network

Early in the meeting, the director of the City of Technical Services, Gabriel Bruneau, including the presentation of the overall plan of active mobility called to deploy in the city over the next few years. Under it, a network of “utility” of multipurpose trails will be developed in some arteries, such Simonds South, Light, Bourget West, Saint-Hubert, Robitaille and Mountain, to allow to “piggy in recreational tourism network” (Estriade , Granbyenne, etc.).

The addition of multipurpose trails will occur when road works or sewage and water network extension, as is the case in Light Street, will be needed. “Make sewer, water, and pave the street, but the rest of the project, we do not want,” commented Hattie Dittman. According to residents, the cohabitation of walkers, cyclists, riders and motorists already harmonious.

The total project costs of Léger street are estimated at 2.7 million, 71% of the bill would be borne by the City. Retail: it pays 100% of the $ 170,000 required for the addition of the multipurpose path. The rest of the bill is assumed by the shoreline residents will benefit from the addition of new water and sewer services.

A petition with 210 signatures of citizens opposed to the project of the multipurpose path in Light Street was filed Tuesday. The City Council has also been invited to address a scenario that would allow the development of the track in the woods Miner.

The exercise should be repeated on Wednesday night, while a second public consultation meeting is planned.

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