St. Leger: the citizens ready to go all the way

residants-rue-leger-souhaitent-bloquer(Granby) Citizens of the Light Street in Granby, opposed the construction of a multipurpose path on their street, are determined to go all the way to be heard. And they wish to have the support of the population at the opening of a register at the town hall on 11 and 12 July.

This register will be opened in the debt settlement of $ 2.7 million related to the completion of the work, besides the addition of a multipurpose path, provide for the management of water services and sewer on a segment of the road (side-to Palmer Cox, including Benoit Street) and the completion of road work on another (from King to side).

“We will try to sensitize the general population. People are optimistic. It is believed that we will succeed, “Hattie said Tuesday Dittman. This met the Voice of the East with two other residents of the street Leger, David Beaudin and Brigitte Gagnon.

Monday night, twenty residents gathered at Brunet park to decide what action they arise in the coming weeks. These actions are not detailed yet. But, as the trio met, mobilization also remains strong.

Last week, the Light Street residents have massively participated in the information meetings organized by the city on this project. They repeated this occasion in great arguments, they did not understand the merits of adding a multipurpose path – whose development costs are estimated at $ 170,000 – on their street. This track should be similar to that of Drummond Street, with a strip of concrete and grass strip separating walkers, runners and cyclists motorists.

Legal Actions

Residents wishing to block the project in the registry, even if it means that some of them, waiting for the extension of water and sewer networks, could be deprived of this work. More than 1200 signatures in the register will be needed to encourage the city council to enact a referendum or do his homework.

David Beaudin says that residents are not against the development of a local network of multipurpose trails. “This is the way it’s brought …,” he laments.

City’s answers about their concerns on security concepts and the degree of inclination of the slope in their street have not convinced them. Also, they do not want to end up with a piece of multifunctional trail without being sure that it will be short-term related to other segments.

In the circumstances, recourse to legal action could be envisaged?

“We would rather be heard and reach an agreement. But whether to take legal means to listen to common sense, maybe we will not have a choice, “said David Beaudin.

“We will stand and go through. It is the employers of these people (elected) to 2017 “added Hattie Dittman.

Advisers to the defense of the project

If councilors Granby are discreet on the back of the Light Street, where the construction of a multipurpose path is disputed, some of them are pronounced immediately for a local network that would enable more large active mobility in the territory and defend the choice of targeted streets.

Certainly, they will have all clearly display their colors at the next regular council meeting, Monday, July 4. For a debt settlement of $ 2.7 million will be adopted for carrying out the work. Of this, an allocation of $ 170,000 is allocated to the addition of a multipurpose path.

A notice of motion to this effect was filed Tuesday morning at a special council meeting. In the process, a register will be open to the Town Hall on 11 and 12 July.

“We talked a lot. There is time to decide. And that’s what the board will do one side or the other on 4 July. We will live with the decision, “said Mayor Pasca Bonin to the media after the meeting.

Robert Vincent Tremblay and Denyse (see box) did not want to comment on the case. “We will wait for the vote. You can see my position on it at that time, “eluded Mr. Vincent.

Jean-Luc Nappert, he was in favor of a network of multipurpose trails in Granby, but he intends to further clarify its thinking when this item will be processed on July 4th.


“If you look at the welfare of the community, we must go forward despite opposition. When we see the plan, we can not say that the Leger street has no meaning. It will eventually be connected to the Simonds Street South and the bike path by Dorchester Street. It is a north-south very clear, “said for his part Eric Duchesneau.

Michel Mailhot and Julie Bourdon abound in the same direction. Mr. Mailhot also stresses that it would be easier to link the multipurpose path to Estriade from Leger street that from the St. Charles Street South. “We studied it (the choice of the Light Street). We did not come out of nowhere, “he says.

Mr. Mailhot, whose property is located Bourget street, a street referred to the construction of a section of the local network, said even be “eager” to have a multifunctional track in front of him. “The mentality is not there yet, but at As we going to do, people will get used,” believes Michel Mailhot.

Jocelyn Dupuis, Stephane Robert Giard and Riel all pleaded in favor of the development of a local network to promote the use of means of travel other than the automobile.

“As in many projects, some people disagree. But I think it is a matter of vision and future, “says Stephane Giard.

The air of deja vu

The opposition of the citizens of the Light Street in Granby for the construction of a multipurpose path on their street has the air of deja vu for Councillor Denyse Tremblay.

Residents of the Eastern Townships Boulevard, where she lives, have increased their shares at a time, up to file an injunction in 2010 to prevent the City of creating a bikeway link between Daniel Johnson park the Nature interpretation Centre of Lake Boivin to connect the Granbyenne. The link was finally realized Drummond.

The main interest is however not very talkative. Ms. Tremblay has preferred not to comment on the record of Leger street. “These are two different issues, has she said. We thought this was to connect the Route verte du Quebec, not a local multifunctional trail. ”

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