Spylo fateful prophecy Vanga about the emergence of a new disease: slay mankind

Вспыло роковое пророчество Ванги о появлении новой болезни: сразит человечество

The world famous prophetess Vanga predicted the United States in 2088 year, the spread of the disease, which will lead to instant old age

As reported versiya.info of the occurrence of the epidemic, it became known just now. We are talking about biological weapons being developed in secret labs now. It is also reported that the people will lose control of this virus of mass destruction, but medicine will eventually allow you to cope with it.

Вспыло роковое пророчество Ванги о появлении новой болезни: сразит человечество

Vanga, Nostradamus and other famous prophets are often credited with even the most absurd predictions, but some of them really do come true. Besides the fact that the United States will fall after 70 years from the “Strada disease,” Wang reported earlier that in 2077 communism will rule the world, that people will soon begin a long war for religious reasons, colonize Venus, learn how to clone organs, and the prophet warned about the destruction of several cities due to flooding.

Earlier it became known the predictions of Vanga and Nostradamus for Ukraine to 2019. From the archives you can learn about the predictions of the famous seer about what will happen to the Ukrainians in the near future. Predictions for 2019 for Ukraine are well — known predictors of Vanga and Nostradamus. Bulgarian prophetess became very famous, especially in the post-socialist space, because many of its predictions have come true and it has started listening to influential politicians.

Although the interpretation of the predictions of Vanga often not entirely unambiguous and can be understood only after the event has happened, many of its opinion to know it’s still pretty interesting.

Вспыло роковое пророчество Ванги о появлении новой болезни: сразит человечество

Vanga predictions for Ukraine is not very comforting. In the future conflict with Russia ends and Ukraine will join the new Union, but the country will remain at risk of poverty. In 2019, the situation in the best case will not worsen in terms of welfare.

The new President will attempt to strengthen the economy. Crimea, according to the sibyl, most likely, will not come back under Ukrainian sovereignty.

Recall that Vanga predicted the unenviable future of Putin and Trump for 2019: all the details

As reported Politeka, Vanga prophesied the Russian civil war in 2019: “there will be blood”

Politeka also wrote that Wang from the world associated with psychics and warned Ukraine: “Such a fate to live in…”